CUSTOM MADE FATIGUES FOR FAMILY & FRIENDS of military service men & women. 

These are made from GENUINE, used USA issued fatigues.  Send us a picture of your loved one and their name and we will customize a jacket for you!  You can choose to opt out of the fabric paint if you want it plain.  

The fatigues may have small holes, small tears or stains on them (they are used).  If they do have any issues, we decorate them to disguise the stains, tears or holes.  This makes them truly unique and one of a kind.  They were worn by the US cool is that?

We will do our best to match your preferred branch of the military.  Not all sizes and branches are available all of the time as these are used fatigues.

Please email us to confirm your specific needs at





CUSTOM MADE BDU’s for family

  • Care tags are sewn in all garments.  No refunds.

    Measurements vary on all jackets.  Please contact us via the email below to discuss your very own CUSTOM jacket.